Social Media and Conflict in Syria


I am working on an ongoing cross-disciplinary project at MIT with Professor Fotini Christia, Political Science, and Assistant Professor Kiran Garimella, Rutgers Library and Information Science. Our work focuses on analyzing data from social media sources to understand the conflict in Syria including narratives around conflict and refugee return. The work has been presented at HiCN 2020, PaCSS 2021, MPSA 2021, and APSA 2021.

Refugee Migration and Return on Social Media with Kiran Garimella and Fotini Christia (working paper)

Social Media Narratives on Conflict from Northern Syria with Elizabeth Parker-Magyar, Ahmet Akbiyik, Kiran Garimella, and Fotini Christia (working paper)

Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes

Summer 2016

This project was supported by Professor Jing Kong in the Nanomaterials and Electronics Group at MIT. My work focused on fabricating perovskite-based solar cells through two-step deposition processes to achieve the best possible efficiency and reliability. The experience was made possible through the MIT Summer Research Program as well as the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S) REU Program.

Team Product Design

Summer 2015

I was a member of an eight person Harvard-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology team which designed and implemented a drone delivery system featuring automated flight with rudimentary obstacle avoidance and robust tracking capabilities on a mobile application. Our team was mentored by Professor Evelyn Hu (Harvard), Professor Ling Shi (HKUST) and Professor Kei May Lau (HKUST) among others. This program was supported by Xiang Dong Wang and Nancy Wang, Harvard SEAS, HKUST and the Harvard President’s Innovation Fund for International Experiences. Website.

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